It's Official - mindfulness is good for you!

There were many feel-good health and environmental stories in the press during July, but you may not have spotted them. captured a number of these which include more evidence to show that Mindfulness is good for your physical and mental health.

In their article reported on a recent study from San Diego School of Medicine, which indicated that mindfulness can help people suffering from chronic pain, manage their symptoms. The study concluded that 'meditative practices help the brain to detach itself from the wider nervous system, thereby blocking – or partially interrupting – the sensations of pain people would otherwise have felt.'

The hardest part about being mindful is finding the time and building it into your routine. You can start with simple self practice such as watching birds feeding in the garden, mindfully eating or observing your breath.

Mindful Meditation is about taking a step inward, away from worries about the past or the future. More than just a way of finding inner calm. A good way to start is to participate in guided meditation, where instead of being left to your own devises, you are led on a journey to help you to relax.

You can find plenty of audios of mindful meditation on the internet or join a local class. In my Cheshire based classes and retreats, I guide participants through practices to help slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both mind and body. Why not start you mindfulness journey today?

To find out more see the Mindfulness and Meditation page of my website.

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